After four and a half year as Chair of the Somer Valley Foodbank the time is now right for me to stand aside and allow someone else to take up the reins. It has been great privilege to have been at the start of the Foodbank and along with so many volunteers set up a project that has benefitted members of our community at a time of their greatest need. It has also been very enjoyable and not a little exciting.

I want to leave the role by Easter and so we are starting the process of finding my replacement. There is a great Management Committee in place who work hard in their different areas so the work will not all fall on one person. However it does need someone to take the helm who can see the ‘bigger picture’ and who is able to take the management decisions needed to bring change when necessary. The time commitment is variable but on average I would think a day a week would be needed.

If you or anyone you know is interested in the role please contact me and I will send further details. I would be happy to talk further with anyone who is interested in the role

Joy Fraser
Somer Valley Foodbank